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Frequently Asked Questions


Why L & L?  

Maybe you've noticed that golf has gotten a little stale lately and are looking for something that's a little different.  That's where L&L comes in. It's little bit rock n' roll, the right amount of  playboy and a genuine respect for the game is what makes L&L standout in a crowd.  

How do your vintage tees fit? Cut?

All of our vintage tees and street wear have a modern cut, giving them a "classy" and contoured fit.  The current collection was designed for men, but guys.. they look great on the ladies!  The tri-blend tees(due to the rayon fibers) will shrink slightly so play for that as well.

How long does it take to receive one of your vintage style tees?

See our Shipping and Transit information below...not long however.

What is your return or exchange policy?

You'll never get frustrated with L&L and our hassle free return policy​​​​​​​.

Can you ship a tee to a friend of mine?

​​​​​​​Of course!​​​​​​​

Does L & L do custom printing?

Absolutely!  To get that ball rolling click HERE.

Can I sign up to receive L & L  updates on new items?

You sure can!  All you gotta do is click HERE​​​​​​​.

Who should I contact regarding wholesale ordering?

​​​​​​​That'd be me, Ryan.  For a fun and free consultation, you can find me here:

My boyfriend plays golf a lot, should I be upset?

No way! The more golf he plays, the happier he will be and thus, the happier you will be.  Let him SWING!!

Shipping and Transit Information

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We ship all orders via USPS from our print shop in Vancouver, WA. In stock items are shipped within 2 business days from when the order was placed.  Standard delivery is ground service and is expected to take 2-7 business days. At this time we are only shipping in the United States.

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